• Do you wonder how much children learn as they play or how important it is for their development to have good toys and the right toys? Did you know how damaging bad toys are and how easy it is for you to learn to make the right choices?

  • If children play with the right toys in their very early years, it will get them started on the right path for life. As they learn mental quickness, self-esteem and self-control, to mention just a few, they are later able to master their school years with more interest and they will have the right foundation for learning.

  • This book is an illustrated guide for parents and caregivers of small children to make educational toys and story baskets. They will become a tool to teach foundational concept learning, that will let children put real building blocks of learning into their development. It will also help you and your family to move away from TV watching and into a more meaningful and fulfilling activity that is fun-filled and very satisfying.

  • I am sharing close to 100 of my self-made toys and stories with over 200 photographs and patterns. They have made a difference in my children's lives and in the lives of many children of caregivers and parents who I was privileged to teach over the last 32 years. They can make a difference in your child's life, too.

  • Feel the excitement of knowing that you were instrumental in giving your child a good start in life.

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Check out some samples from the book.
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